February 18, 2015


SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago 13th) issued the following statement in response to today's budget address:

Like the governor, I support a balanced budget that allows Illinois to become compassionate and competitive. But as co-chair of the conference committee that took on pension reform in 2013, I understood that we had embarked on a long road fraught with legal challenges and careful negotiations. It's a road we need to continue walking, in order to achieve constitutional, responsible pension reform and sustain funding for core state services; however, I have serious doubts about the governor's claim that we can save $2.2 billion this year by addressing pension liabilities.

I view this budget proposal as a starting point, and I look forward to working with the governor to accomplish pension reform the right way and while also maintaining access to health care, mental health services and other essential forms of assistance to those in greatest need.

The budget negotiations will not be easy, and they will likely be contentious. But today, we also find ourselves at a significant bipartisan moment – an opportunity to work together to finally reform our criminal justice system. Republicans and Democrats alike agree that warehousing criminals, without preparing them to rejoin society, is neither humane nor prudent. We agree that our sentencing laws are outmoded and aren't making our neighborhoods safer. We agree that too many Illinoisans – particularly young African-American males – have been left sitting in prison, at great cost to taxpayers, instead of getting the help they need to leave crime behind. As chair of the Senate's Restorative Justice Committee and a member of the governor's criminal justice reform task force, I look forward to working with the Rauner administration to accomplish these goals and make Illinois a safer, more compassionate and more productive state – one that invests in people, not prisons.


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